On January 21, 2017, the women of American came together to defend America’s soul in the largest public demonstration in our nation’s history. Five million women and allies took to the streets in women’s marches across the country and the world to protest what was perceived by many to be a sudden shift away from progress on issues facing our country and the values we hold dear. From women’s rights to health care to climate change to income equality and virtually every other significant issue we face, the women of America delivered their message loud and clear: We will not go back.

Women’s March Foundation is hosting the presidential forum in order to discuss the issues that are important to Americans.


We marched. now, we advocate.

The Women’s March Foundation has developed a Women’s March Agenda highlighting our bedrock beliefs regarding the issues of importance to our nation and communities. From this day forward, we are committed to shining a light on these issues, advocating for policies and legislation aligned with the Women’s March Agenda, assessing where candidates for office stand on our Agenda and educating our supporters regarding the candidates’ positions. We are drawing a line in the sand and declaring that from this point forward our national will only move in one direction: Forward.

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Unified by the belief that women are stronger together.

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